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Why Prequel Solutions?

Temporary and Direct Hire Staffing Solutions That Work

Whether you need a temporary IT professional, a full-time senior accountant, a seasoned executive, or anything in between, you need someone who checks all the boxes. And you need them in a timeframe that works for your business – and your budget. But finding that person on your own can be time-consuming, frustrating, and expensive, especially if the new hire doesn’t work out. 

That’s where we come in. Prequel Solutions helps you source and hire vetted, qualified talent for your company’s most important jobs so you can get important work done, meet your deadlines, and drive success in the future. Across our focus industries – IT, finance and accounting, engineering, HR, and legal – we connect you with temporary and permanent talent who can transform your company from the inside out. 

Contact Prequel Solutions, the permanent and temporary staffing agency in Pittsburgh serving Western Pennsylvania and other areas across the country, to get started on your talent search. 

Our Staffing Services


Adjust to ebbs and flows in demand by adding to your workforce as needed. Use our temporary staff to cover absences, fill in for skills gaps, and complete special projects, all without adding to your company’s full-time roster. 


Ever wish you could “test drive” a candidate before committing? With temp-to-hire staffing services, you can evaluate an employee on-site for skills, work ethic, and cultural fit before deciding whether to bring them onto your team full time. 

Direct Hire

Find your next all-star with our direct hire staffing services. We streamline and simplify your search for top talent, presenting you with only the best candidates for your business’s full-time roles. 

Executive Search

Identify, attract, and hire game-changing leadership talent for your organization. Our discreet executive search services allow you to find your next manager, director, or executive with ease. 


Outsource the administrative burden of tax withholdings, unemployment, workers’ comp, and paycheck distribution, and let us handle it. 

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We supply the right people at the right time.